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Casein Slow Release Protein


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Why Choose NUTRITECH Protein?

For more than a decade, NUTRITECH has been devoted to formulating high-quality and delicious protein powders. We have solidified ourselves as one of the best suppliers of protein in South Africa and to leading retailers nationwide.

The Future of Protein Powders

Our latest formulation, PROVEN PROTEIN, pays homage to the staple protein sources we've come to love, such as WHEY Protein and CASEIN Protein and looks to the future of affordability, quality and taste. Our PROVEN formula is a sustainable blend of dairy and plant-based proteins assisting with longer protein retention levels than any other single-source protein. This longer retention is achieved by mixing fast, medium and slow digestion proteins to create a superior protein shake that assist with muscle recovery, muscle growth, strength gains and overall nutrition. The PROVEN PROTEIN formula is built by science, so there's no guessing when it comes to your results.

Which is the Best Protein Supplement?

It's never a one glove fits all scenario. When it comes to choosing the best protein for yourself, the main things to consider is the protein source, price, taste and texture. Whether you need a vegan protein, a slow releasing protein, a protein isolate or a happy mix between all of these, NUTRITECH has you covered with which is arguably, the best protein in South Africa!