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Mass Gainer for Weight Gain

Your goal? Gain size, muscle and strength. 

NUTRITECH Mass Gainers hits the sweet spot between protein and carbohydrate ratio for serious weight gaining results. Formulated with quality ingredients and delicious taste, you don't get better than NUTRITECH's collection of hardgainers.

Vegan Mass Gainer

Gorilla Gainer is designed for those following a plant-based diet or looking for a dairy-free alternative to gain muscle size and strength, perfect for the vegan bodybuilder. Formulated with high quality and 100% plant based proteins and carbohydrates which is also naturally sweetened and flavoured.

Best Gainer of Them All?

It's not a one glove fits all scenario, and even though all NUTRITECH weight gaining formulas are created with a specific goal, we must back our flagship mass gainer and the original beast among them all, HULK Anabolic Gainer! This monstrous weight gaining formula built by science provides a whopping 825 calories, 165g carbs, 30g protein and 5g creatine per single serving of 3 scoops.