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100% Vegan Protein

The NUTRITECH range of dairy-free protein powders are 100% vegan, making it a suitable replacement and or protein supplementation for someone following a plant-based or vegan diet. 

Benefits of using NUTRITECH's Vegan Protein

    1. No bloating
    2. Gluten free
    3. Dairy free
    4. Soy free
    5. No added sugar

Highest Quality Plant Proteins

100% Vegan Protein has been formulated as a premium-quality single-sourced protein from GMO-free pea isolate, providing 25g of protein per serving (78%).

An easy to digest plant-based protein which is designed to support lean muscle growth, recovery and strength. 100% Vegan Protein also has an excellent amino acid profile of 4g BCAA per single serving. No bloating when using NUTRITECH’s plant-based protein, thanks to a highly bioavailable protein that is made using low heat isolation.