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Vegan-Friendly Supplements

When following a vegan based diet, it can be challenging to get the adequate amount of daily nutrition. NUTRITECH has therefore designed a plant-based and dairy free range of sports and performance supplements to help you achieve your fitness and lifestyle goals, from dairy free mass gainer to a vegan-friendly pre-workout.

Plant Based Protein

One of our best selling supplements over the years has been our 100% Vegan Protein which is gluten free, lactose free, sugar free and GMO free. A truly premium protein powder! Not only is our single source pea protein isolate shake delicious in taste and texture, it is also a highly bioavailable protein with no bloating.

The Vegan Bodybuilder

NUTRITECH is all about elevating performance and recovery, and for all those gym rats and bodybuilders looking for a dairy free muscle building option, look no further than the best vegan mass gainer there is, GORILLA GAINER! With a 100% plant based protein and carbohydrate formula which is also naturally sweetened and naturally flavoured, the Gorilla Gainer delivers a truly remarkable weight gaining result for those following a vegan diet and looking to increase muscle, size and strength.