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Protein Blends

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What are Protein Blends?

As the name suggests, protein blends are usually made up of 2 or more differently sourced protein isolates such as pea protein, whey protein, soy protein, etc. The manner in which these proteins are mixed with one another to create a "protein blend", is up to the goal of the end product. Some blends might aim to be slower digesting so they will predominantly make use of casein and other slower releasing proteins. On the other hand, faster digesting proteins might be mixed to create a faster absorbing protein shake which your muscles have immediate access to.

PROVEN Protein, the best Protein Blend

PROVEN Protein is a NUTRITECH first. Combining slow, medium and fast digesting proteins all into one delicious formula. PROVEN Protein delivers what no other single source protein powder can, a longer elevated protein retention level. Simply put, by feeding your body (and muscles) with a multi staged protein release, your body has available protein to break down for immediate use (0-2 hours), medium-timed use (2-4 hours) and reserve or later use (4-6 hours).

The science upon which NUTRITECH's PROVEN Protein range is formulated  suggests that our superior blend of quality proteins supports a 0-6 hour protein release, one of the longest protein releases of any protein shake on the market today.

Protein Shake for Maximum Muscle

Any protein would suffice for assisting muscle growth and strength, but only one protein shake delivers maximum muscle-gaining results, step into the world of Heavy-Duty Protein. Using NUTRITECH's PROVEN protein formula as its foundation, Heavy-Duty Protein also includes 2g of creatine and 5g testosterone boosting stack per serving.