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Casein Slow-Release Protein

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Casein Slow Release Protein


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What is Casein Protein?

Found in milk, casein protein makes up roughly 80% of cow's milk and can also be found in yoghurt, cheese, butter and even infant formulas. Casein protein has been a favourable choice for athletes and bodybuilders alike as it provides the body with all of the amino acids necessary to help build healthy muscle.

Another major benefit of casein protein is that it provides a high amount of leucine which initiates muscle protein synthesis. 

A Slow-Releasing Protein

Of all the available protein shakes one could take, casein protein is know to be a slow digesting protein which may help reduce appetite and increase the feeling of fullness. 

Generally, casein protein is taken before bed as its slow digesting property allows the body to have access to protein synthesis over longer periods where you are not consuming any food, such as when you sleep.

Benefits of Supplementing with Casein Protein

Most protein shakes have similar advantages and casein has been repeatedly shown to increase muscle growth and strength when combined with strength or resistance training. It may also help with fat loss.

Research shows casein protein may improve aspects of health, such as providing antibacterial and immune benefits, reduction in high blood pressure, lowering of triglyceride levels, reducing free radicals in the body and possibly assisting with fat loss.